Baker-Polito Campaign Releases Web Video, 'Thriving Economy'

ALLSTON --  The Baker-Polito campaign today released a new web video titled "Thriving Economy." The video highlights the Baker-Polito Administration's support of Massachusetts' small businesses and growing economy, through investing in downtown development, instituting a permanent sales tax holiday, conducting a regulation review that eased restrictions on small businesses, holding the line against tax increases while cutting taxes for low-income families, and legislation making major investments in economic development and workforce training. 

Since the Baker-Polito team took office in 2015, Massachusetts has created over 180,000 new jobs, the unemployment rate has dropped significantly, and the Commonwealth is rated as much friendlier to small businesses, moving from a D+ to an A- according to a national survey. 

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Governor Baker [Video Transcript]: "A lot of the work we've done over the past few years has been about helping small business get better, do better here in Massachusetts. We've done Main Street programs, we did a big reg review program. We've even incorporated small businesses into a lot of the way we think about how we invest alongside our colleagues in local government and in business development.
"People at the end of the day are the most important asset that every company has. And you are all part of a thriving, growing economy here in Massachusetts. We're creating more jobs than ever before, we have more people working than at anytime in state history, and we continue to be a state that leads in so many categories because we have great people."

Lt. Governor Polito [Video Transcript]: "Over the past few years in office, we've been able to add over 180,000 new jobs across the Massachusetts economy."
Massachusetts' Thriving Economy

Job Growth: Since 2015, Massachusetts has created over 180,000 new jobs (Source)

Unemployment: Massachusetts' unemployment rate has dropped by 30%, from 5.1% in January of 2015 to 3.6% in July of 2018. (Source)

Household Incomes: Massachusetts' median household income has increased by 12% (2014-2017) (Source

Labor Force Growth: Massachusetts leads the nation in labor force growth. (Source)

Small Business Friendliness: In 2014, Thumbtack gave Massachusetts a D+ for small business friendliness. In 2018, the same survey gave our state an A-. (2014 | 2018)
Baker-Polito Support For MA Economic Growth

Economic Development Legislation: The Baker-Polito Administration has enacted two major economic development laws. The 2016 law invested up to $1 billion in in communities, workforce development, and innovation. The 2018 law built upon those initiatives, investing over $1 billion more in economic development initiatives and technical and workforce training. (2016 Law | 2018 Law)

Permanent Sales Tax Holiday: The Baker-Polito Administration proposed and enacted a permanent sales tax holiday. (Source)

Downtown Development: The Baker-Polito Administration has recapitalized the MassWorks program twice, for a total investment of $750 million, all to support communities' initiatives to develop downtown infrastructure and boost Main Street economies. (Source)

Regulatory Review: Shortly after taking office, the Baker-Polito Administration conducted a top-to-bottom review of state regulations, streamlining, modernizing, and eliminating many outdated regulations to support small businesses' growth. (Source)

Investing In A Skilled Workforce: Since taking office, the Baker-Polito Administration has invested nearly $40 million in Skills Capital Grants to support a skilled workforce. (Source)