STATE HOUSE NEWS SERVICE: "He Is Our Statewide Quarterback" - Rep. Williams (D-Springfield) On Gov. Baker

Belichick or Brady? For state Rep. Bud Williams, Gov. Charlie Baker is all of the above. "I don't know if I can call him the Belichick or call him the Brady. I'm still betting on Brady, but everybody needs a quarterback, a statewide quarterback. He is our statewide quarterback," Williams said about the governor at an event in Springfield Wednesday. 

Baker was in western Massachusetts to announce new state funding to refurbish Springfield's Paramount Theater. It was there that Williams, a Democrat, gushed about Baker's leadership and commitment to "urban communities," highlighting the difficulty Democrats have had puncturing the shield around the popular incumbent. It wasn't an endorsement, but it might as well have been.

"He cares about every citizen in this commonwealth. Just look at the Merrimack Valley ... going out there every single day, and he's in the middle of the campaign," Williams said. Williams is just finishing his first term in the House after replacing longtime state representative Benjamin Swan. As a member of the Massachusetts Black and Latino Caucus, he has taken part in the group's quarterly meetings with Baker that the governor has honored since he got into office. 

"This man does a lot, from Boston, to Springfield to Worcester to Lawrence to Lowell. He cares about the urban community. You know what urban community means? Black and brown," Williams said. Williams also called Baker's Secretary of Housing and Economic Development Jay Ash, who happens to be a Democrat, an "adopted son of Springfield."