Growing Our Economy

  • Since Governor Baker and Lt. Governor Polito took office, Massachusetts has created over 180,000 new jobs, with more people working than at any time in the last 20 years.
  • Massachusetts’ unemployment rate stands at 3.5%, well below the national average.
  • Household incomes have risen dramatically, with every demographic group seeing increases in take-home pay. 
  • Thanks to pro-growth leadership, Massachusetts was named the most innovative state in the country, and the Commonwealth has attracted major business investment.

Strengthening Our Schools

  • Since 2015, the Commonwealth has increased support for our local public schools by over half a billion dollars, bringing education investments to historic levels, nearly $5 billion.
  • The Commonwealth Commitment program, which leverages our state community colleges and the UMass system, allows students to pursue a four-year degree for less than $30,000.
  • Massachusetts students continue to finish first in the National Assessment of Educational Progress Exam in English and Math. The Commonwealth has the highest four-year graduation rate and lowest dropout rate ever.

Tackling The Opioid Crisis

  • Governor Baker signed a first-in-the-nation law that limits new prescriptions to seven days and invests more resources in prevention, education, and recovery.
  • The Commonwealth is investing over $200 million across state government to combat substance misuse, a 70% increase since 2015.
  • Governor Baker has proposed new legislation to strengthen penalties on drug dealers whose actions lead to fatalities. 
  • The Baker-Polito approach to tackling the opioid crisis has become a national model, with nearly every other governor signing on to adopt this framework.

Supporting Cities And Towns

  • As promised, the Baker-Polito team has boosted local aid to cities and towns every year they’ve been in office, following years of uncertainty and cuts.
  • All 351 cities and towns have participated in the Community Compact program, led by Lt. Governor Polito, improving collaboration between state and local government, and streamlining best practices for municipal government.

Respecting Taxpayers

  • The Baker-Polito team eliminated an inherited $1.2 billion structural deficit without raising taxes, and their pro-growth, fiscally responsible leadership led to a significant budget surplus at the end of FY18
  • Since 2015, Governor Baker advocated for and enacted a doubling of the Earned Income Tax Credit, providing tax relief for over 450,000 workers and families.
  • The Baker-Polito team has shrunk the size of the state’s bureaucracy.
  • The Governor and Lt. Governor have proposed reforms to state government to save taxpayer dollars, like reducing abuse of sick days by state employees.
  • Governor Baker proposed and enacted legislation to make the sales tax holiday permanent.

Reforming State Government

  • Major reforms to the MBTA have improved reliability for riders, and cost savings have led to a more efficient system.
  • From improving outcomes for those who need insurance from the Health Connector, to streamlining the Massachusetts Broadband Institute and finally delivering high-speed internet for Western Massachusetts, the Baker-Polito team is delivering on key reforms to make state government work better.