In 2014, we worked together to deliver victory for our shared vision for Massachusetts: a growing economy with more jobs; strong schools regardless of zip code; and safe, healthy communities.

I'm not on the ballot this Election Day, but we do have an opportunity to advance our priorities in a meaningful way. While the presidential election is going to get a lot of buzz, there are some critically important reasons to vote that are much closer to home.
I hope you'll vote today - you can find your polling place here. And when you do, I hope you'll support these causes and candidates:
Commonsense Candidates Across MA
Electing strong, commonsense Republican candidates up and down the ballot will help us advance our shared priorities in the Legislature and communities across the Commonwealth. Find your local candidates here.
YES on Question 2 - More Educational Opportunity
Lifting the arbitrary cap on public charter schools will expand access to some of the best public schools in Massachusetts - while resulting in no change for communities who like their public schools. As a parent, there's nothing I value more than a great education for my children, and Question 2 would give more families access to better choices for their kids. Learn more here. 
NO on Question 4 - Stopping The Commercial Marijuana Industry
The dangerous proposal to legalize marijuana in Massachusetts is wrong for our communities. Question 4 would bring the billion-dollar marijuana industry to Massachusetts, leading to dangerous edible marijuana products with no regulations on THC content. It would deny control to local communities, and it would open the door to increased fatalities from drugged driving, as seen in places like Washington State. Question 4 is the wrong proposal at the wrong time. Learn more here.
Don't forget to get your friends and family to the polls too - every vote will be crucial in these important races.
Thank you,
Governor Charlie Baker

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