Remember, Appreciate, and Honor the Sacrifice

This past week, I had the honor of addressing the Massachusetts Military Heroes Fund Memorial Day Ceremony. It's a beautiful and remarkable event held on Boston Common with hundreds of American flags representing the countless heroes who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our nation.
A few years ago, I was driving up Beacon Street on a Saturday and I caught a glimpse of that display out of the corner of my eye. I pulled over and spent a few minutes just looking at the incredible display, realizing that behind every single one of those flags was a story. Behind every flag was a soldier and a family and a set of loved ones.
And the common thread in all those stories was a commitment to an ideal that was higher than any one individual. And it's a commitment that is so strong that they paid the ultimate price - which is something we can never forget. Because believe me, the families and the friends of those that make up those flags will never forget their friend or family member and the loss and the pain that was associated with that sacrifice.
But there is some comfort for them in knowing that there is an army of Massachusetts citizens standing behind them who remember, appreciate, and honor the service and the sacrifice that was made by their family member.
And that is why it is so important that we honor their sacrifice - today, and every day. 
I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day holiday.
-Charlie Baker

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